special guest appearance

Does anyone know if there will be a special guest appearance made by anyone this year at Anaheim,CA??

Well, since Grant Imahara was in Dallas for Clean Sweep, and Kari Byron was there for Round Up in Orlando, I would assume that we’ll have another Mythbuster in Anaheim. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that the Mythbusters are based in California. But I don’t know for sure.

I hope so! That would be cool! We were there for Round Up, and she was a great emcee!

We thought it was really funny during the Gateway unveil when a bunch of high school boys behind us shouted “WE LOVE YOU KARI!!!”

Actually, Adam and Jamie are already planning on attending the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association 2012 National Conference to be held on the Anaheim Convention Center from April 19 through April 20.

If I remember correctly, Kari Byron will be the emcee on the 21st.

Uh how do you know that?

There will probably be someone famous/important coming but its usually a secret until the week of worlds. It might be Adam and Jamie or maybe the entire Mythbusters crew since they are only a short plane ride away.

That’s far too convenient for it not to be a coverup of plans to show up at Worlds…

But remember, there are 3 Mythbusters other than Adam and Jamie: Kari, Grant, and Tory.

Is the Anaheim Convention Center really big enough to hold 2 events?

There are actually multiple events during this weekend:


I have no idea what the mythbusters will do during this time but I sure hope they stop by.

Well, the World Championship isn’t THAT big… Only 151 middle school teams… And 400 high school teams… For a total of 551 teams… With usually at least 4 members in each team. So that’s only… Woah… 2204 people… Yeah, you’re right, I don’t know if the convention center can fit any more!

Don’t forget 47 college teams. Those are typically bigger teams, too…

You guys are underestimating the size of the convention center. All the teams could probably fit in just one hall but we have 2. There are a total of 4 halls that the other events will be using.

That is true. FYI my team has 14 people. :slight_smile:

Also, if you see people running around in white suits, say hi to them.

Hmm… question for you. What if you were given the choice between meeting:

  1. A TV star from a science-related show.
  2. A Nobel prize winner.
  3. An Astronaut.
  4. An extremely successful high-tech entrepreneur.

Which would you choose?

Personally, I’m kind of torn between #2 and #3


#3, but only if they flew Mercury, Gemini or Apollo.

Im pretty sure Kari Byron will be the emcee again

It’d be cool if someone like Bill Gates came. It would probably inspire a lot of people. But I like Kari Byron. She was really funny last year. I wonder if Bill Nye could come. Everybody would be so excited.

3 or 4.

But I’d only want 3 if they flew Mercury, Gemini or Apollo…

I think it would be really cool if the Google guys came down. (Larry Page and Sergey Brin)


I met Don Pettit of ST-126… He grew up 40 miles from where I live and went to the College I want to attend. His brother Tom, works at HP Corvallis, OR, and was a mentor on FRC Team 957 when I was a mentor.