Special Thank To EC3 and Mr Jason. From 8066/65

I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to Mr Jason from EC3 for hosting the Singapore Teams. Over the 2 days before the VeX Worlds, you have prepared such an extensive set-up of 3 full fields. These helps my teams to fine tune the bot for the 15s autonomous and the 1 minutes programming. Without these, i would not figured it out how to do these calibration in the trial field ( only 10 minutes each try).

Beside these, you have given my teams to have matches against your US Open Champions teams… I loved these matches ( Hai Sing Catholic Vs EC3) in the early morning of monday and tuesday. To be honest, my teams are very nervous on the Monday when they play against your 6135W alliance. The matches they have played are like the HS round robin … very tense up but i liked it.

These matches you have planned helped to stabilized my teams for the MS Championship.

You have asked me how amazing 8066/65 have done it every time in 2013 2014 2015 and 2017. I can tell you for 2013 gateway, my teams are really good. For 2014, we are lucky maybe…

But for 2015 and 2017, we have won because of EC3, your generosity and graciousness and the humility and assistance from your teams helped 80666/65 to clinch these World Champion Title.

Also special thank to REC for organizing such as AWESOME Robotics Event. I have been to numerous robotics competition and the VeX Worlds is nothing but AWESOME!!

Lastly, during these competition, i have been approached by many fellow American 's coach and parents . They have expressed many positive feedback and remarks about our Singapore Kids. Thank You all those whom i have spoken to, i apologized for not spending time with you because i been running around too much.

These is the fifth time i have been to America and thank to VeX Worlds. Although it a short trip, but i enjoyed the stay because of the humility , generosity and warmth of the fellow American. And the YES “America is the greatest country in the world”

Mentor of 8066/8065
email: [email protected]

I uploaded some photos

Some photos taken at EC3

I had the privilege to have a pit across from the Hai Sing Catholic teams at Worlds and witnessed some of the hardest working and polite kids at the World Championships. I work with some great kids in VEX and Scouts but I have never witnessed such a large group of kids remain on task without any adult supervision uninterrupted for four days. It was amazing. Congratulations to the entire team on a well deserved World Championship but an even more so heartfelt congratulations on mentoring such a great group of kids to you, their teachers and their parents.

Both you and Jason Neagle make the VEX community a better place.

Greg Fuchs, Mentor
Teams 7177A-Z