Spectating the 3rd Wisdom Study Robotics League Robot Challenge Match(high school)

Until mid-August, I’m in China. Since I’m a newbie, who has only witnessed one Vex tournament with very very little experience at the time I watched it. I wanted to watch another early high-level tournament before, I compete in my first tournament. Beijing is where I am, therefore the location is very convenient. However from the last tournament in Baoding. My friend who went was required to purchase tickets in order to get in. From anyone who may be going to the tournament I wanted to ask whether anyone has any information about the tournament. And whether or not tickets are required to entry. Or if anyone can assist in helping me go to spectate. I will be going with 3-4 other people. However I’m the only one who is registered with a team. Any recomendations would help.

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think it will b in beijing this year

Are you going to the tournament?

I’m pretty sure that’s a different tournament later, when I will be gone. I wanted to ask if anyone was going to the earlier tournament.

Oh… sorry, I thought you were asking for recommendations.

And no… I am not going, even though my teams were invited.

Anyway, the tournament that I mentioned is a good quality tournament that you can consider as well.

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Will the tournament, which i mentioned be publicly available for spectating?

Think the best person you should ask will be the most organiser itself?

But most of the time, it is normally free to watch vex robotics competitions.