Speculation for the Location of the 2014 VEX World Championships

Where do you guys think the 2014 Vex World Championship will be?

I think that they will change it up a little since they have chosen Anaheim twice in a row.

The previous locations for worlds have been in mostly warm areas which is great (Texas, California, and Florida). But the current ones have been near the Disneyland/DisneyWorld Theme parks so hopefully they don’t have a binding contract because the last time worlds was at Florida, the food wasn’t very good, there were too many mosquitoes, and there wasn’t enough room both for seating for the finals and for all the team pits in the event center.

Some places that I think would be cool to go to would be Dallas again or Seattle.

Maybe we could go to Australia!

I don’t know if they’ll change it up. When it was held in Florida, VEX really liked how well the event ran, and would have ran it there again if there wasn’t another event happening at the same time.

But since Disney liked working with VEX, they offered to host it in Anaheim. (I think that information is what was said at the Florida World Championship).

I will admit that I liked the facility in Anaheim better than I did in Florida. There was much more space and the layout was better organized.

It was beneficial to my team to have it in Florida because it’s a day’s drive rather than a plane flight, and so we were able to take a trailer with our 5 teams’ robots and our custom pit area, and things were cheaper (stuff in CA is expensive e.e), but I know it’s only convenient for local teams.

I don’t know for sure where 2014’s VEX championship will be, but I would not be surprised if they stick with Disney at Anaheim again.

I was under the impression that they left it at anaheim this year because they had finally found a location that was perfect for the event that they could come back to, so I’d imagine they’d keep it for next year.

Also, I may be mistaken but I seem to remember us only having halls a and b last year? This year it’s listed somewhere as halls a, b, and c. :smiley:

I think they should do it in Indiana :stuck_out_tongue:

Doubt it…

We held the super bowl. I think we could handle worlds :stuck_out_tongue: no disney world or anything like that though.

Las Vegas! They have a lot of facilities and a lot of the parking is free!

In New England

Sure did :wink:

Maybe Worlds at the Lucas Oil Staduim?

Conseco would be better.

If it were to be held in Indy, it would have to be held in the convention center. FIRST did an analysis of Lucas Oil a few years ago and found out that you can’t have enough pit space for FIRST teams (which would be A LOT less then the amount of VRC teams that would attend). This means that Bankers Life Fieldhouse would also have to be ruled out. Indianapolis has one of the largest convention centers in the nation and some of the most ideally located hotels to support a giant event downtown. Granted, there is no amusement park in Indy, there are MANY other things to do in the down time. I don’t think it would be unrealistic for them to do this. The geographic location is also ideal for many US based teams, it’s fairly center (in reference to concentration of teams).

They should do it in HAWAII!!! We all so have a HUGE convention center :smiley:

They’re is plenty to do in Indy! Lilly has a history trail, the art museums, the canal is fun, and most importantly… THE BEST CORN IN THE USA!

They could be held in Puerto Rico we have a spacious convention center and it was built relatively recently, it’s the best in the Caribbean. We also have many hotels nearby that surely have enough rooms for all the teams. We have very beautiful beaches nearby and the convention center is near the bay. Old San Juan is also one of the oldest cities in the U.S. with a lot of history. The climate is very pleasant year round. We also have very good restaurants nearby and also inexpensive.

Puerto Rico always send a good representation to the World Championship and it would be a honor to host it.

As cool as it would probably be to host it in other countries, I don’t think there’s much of a chance that Worlds goes outside of the USA. Partially because of the huge US representation at Worlds, and partially because it’s a US based organization.

Don’t tell anyone, but Puerto Rico is part of the United States. It’s a territory and not a state, but Puerto Ricans are US citizens. :slight_smile:

Don’t Say That!!!

Next thing you know, The U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam will want to host too…

After that football performance this past Sunday? Doubtful. :smiley:

But in all seriousness, I recall hearing at Worlds last year that the administration which decides where to host Worlds was very pleased with the facilities and set-up at the Anaheim Convention Center. It is likely they will attempt to host it in Anaheim for 2014.

I wish but the issue is what our local business want.
Disney land convention center is used for “kids” stuff because kids go to disneyland and they get money but the convention centers we have here are connected to hotels. Hotels don’t like “kids” because we don’t gamble or go to the shows we have here. Las Vegas would make less money per room and that is all they care about.

Seattle would be really cool. We probably have the accommodations for such an event and I’d like to think that the Pacific Northwest is one of the powerhouse regions in the U.S., but the weather here is rather sporadic. I couldn’t imagine the complaints VEX would get if students had to carry their robots through Washington’s spring showers. I think VEX is going to have to keep Worlds somewhere sunny.