Speed Controller and VEX microcontroller

The HB-25 is specially built to wire the battery right to the motor controller. I am pretty sure that you don’t need a circuit breaker, can anyone confirm?

Warning: Make sure that the CIM motor doesn’t pull more than 30-35? amps because you could break the HB-25


Thanks, but how can i make sure not to allow it to pull that many amps?
Also, how am i going to be able to control the HB-25? (analog output on vex controller) and how am i going to program it? Also, how is it going to connect to the microcontroller? I wasn’t able to tell from the pictures of it on their website

Thanks again

Control the HB-25 with the same kind of signal that is used to control a Vex motor. No special programming is necessary. You just need an extension cable that will connect the ground and signal lines between a Vex controller motor port and the HB-25. I wired my HB-25s directly to the battery, since the HB-25 has a fuse that should blow if too much current is drawn.

Check the specs on the motor that you are using.

Just use the motor ports on the Microcontroller, they send PWM pulses.

Just use the SetMotor clock in EasyC to assign a value to the motor
This might need some fine tuning because the HB-25 motor controller might accept different values than the Vex motor controller.

You will need an extension and you should be able to plug it into the controller just like any other Vex motor.



I finally got the HB-25 and it works great.
I just wanted to thank everyone for helping me with this.

Thanks again,



sweet…well this kinda proves parallax products are easy to use :smiley: glad to see more third party stuff works with Vex