Speed Controller Connections

How do you connect multiple CIM motors to the Robot Controller? from my point of view of the diagram it seems that to connect the motors from one victor speed controller - is it possible to use just 1 speed controller for multiple CIM motors or do you need multiple speed controllers?
-if I need more speed controllers where will I connect the speed controllers to?

Always follow FIRST rules when competing in a FIRST Competition. See Rules . More Speed Controllers may be connected to any available output on the Breaker Panel (an output not being used). Use the corresponding/applicable circuit breaker (20, 30 or 40 Amp) for the output selected. Example: Connect the 12V input of a Victor Speed Controller to the Breaker Panel +12V Output connector 40-1 and the Ground on the Victor to the 40-G1 connector on Breaker Panel. Install a 40 Amp auto-resetting breaker into the corresponding slots for the Breaker Panel connector 40-1. Now just connect a PWM cable from a PWM Output on the Robot Controller to the PWM input on the Victor.