Speed of intake

My team has a 9 cube tray bot, but we have had some torque issues, but resolved them by switching to red 100 rpm cartridges. We think that this might be to slow. What size sprockets are other teams using and what color motor cartridges?

We are using red cartridges with 24 tooth sprockets.

I think that is a good idea if you can maintain grip on the cubes. I cannot remember what our robot has but we chose 200s because we have bad grip.

We have enough grip, but the motor stall and won’t move upwards of 7 cubes. The reds fix this, and we should be able to do 10-11. I’m curious if the reds are slow compared to other robots of this capacity.

We’re running 24t on the green cartridges right now. We’re able to physically fit 11 cubes in our tray so that’s all we’ve tested but it works well. It does burn out after 10 to 15 minutes of constant driving though. It really just comes down to your tuning. It takes a lot of tuning to get an 18t sprocket intake working, much less a 24t one.

it should be fine during driver control, however it wouldn’t be good for auton when you’re collecting rows of cubes. Espeically in the small zone where cubes follow each other, potenially making your robot pushing the cubes instead of collecting them.

24t sprockets are fast, but tend to tire quickly and usually won’t make it past 10 cubes.
if you want more torque, going to 18t sprockets is better than going 100 rpm.


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We are using red cartridges, and our intakes work just fine. We can intake over 9 cubes, so it works just fine.