Speed pulsing

I run my flywheel at 4200 which is too much for close shots but when i use the set velocity block it hits the max velocity then slows down then hits max velocity again, is their anyway to limit the speed without the pulsing?

It sounds like you’re using block coding, which I have little experience in, so I can’t help much. For our program, although we haven’t gotten to it yet, we will have a function to lower the velocity of the flywheel as a function of calculated distance to the goal. This will be done with a motor.spin function, and we will just make the motor rpm a variable. I’m sure someone here can better translate this from text to block, but I don’t know all the command options. I think you could do something like this though…

4200 is usually too much for all shots


I would look into making a PID loop for the flywheel, as it would hold the rpm at the target value.

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The built in motor function has a built PID, you need to control it through voltage, and I don’t know if there’s a way to do that in blocks.

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