speed reduction problem

Hello roboteers,

I haven’t been working on Vex for roughly a month, so i decided to just modify my robot a bit. First of all i tried to slow down my claw rotator. The shaft in my motor is hooked on to a 12 tooth gear, but to be honest, it’s not that stable, falls out a lot. The 12 tooth gear is supposed to spin the 60 tooth gear, however, the 12 tooth gear just spins around the 60 tooth gear like a planet in orbit(a really fast orbit).

Any ideas why and how to stop this from happening? The 60 tooth gear isn’t really even rotating. My idea is that the drive shaft in the motor isn’t stable so it won’t keep the gear in place. I ran out of collars and my gorilla tape idea didn’t hold. Therefore, the 12 tooth just spins around the 60 tooth gear? Does this sound reasonable or does anyone else have another theory that i could possibly patch up?

And if you want to reply to this post but you agree with me, please say so. That way i’ll have support with my idea and fix that up.

Thanks for all your help,

i dont understand what you mean by the powered gear going around the 60 tooth gear. Did you mount them right?

could you post a pic or video of this happening?

Like the gears are mounted together. The 12 tooth gear is locked in with the 60 tooth gear, there teeth are together with no spaces.

But, when i use the motor, the 12 tooth gear simply skips teeth and goes off course.

Please post a picture, that will help us help you.

make sure there isnt anything stopping the gears from rotating

whatever you have attached to the 60-tooth gear might also be too big for a 1:5 gear ratio

It sounds like the shaft that the 12 Tooth Gear is on is not locked in place. How do you have mounted the 12 and 60 tooth gears, and what pieces are you using on your assembly.

A picture would really help…