Speeding up Flywheel "Recharge"

I am looking for some ways to increase the fire rate of my flywheel with good accuracy. I am not talking about software. I’m looking for some ways I can decrease friction on it. It is a double flywheel with a 3:49 gear ratio with high speed motors and 5 inch wheels. It can shoot full court at around speed 50. I know of some ways to decrease friction such as using grease and drilling holes in the bearings, but what size drill bit should I use to drill the holes? Also, are there any other ways?
Thank you for helping once again.

How much do you compress the ball when you fire?

Around .5". It gets around 1 bps

If i am trying to drill holes in my flywheel bearings, what drill bit size should i use?

Just drill it a little bit larger than the hole already in the bearings. Drilling the bearings out to big will cause the flywheel to shake, decreasing your fire rate (said from personal experience).

all right thank you lelder.

I did all this and it has definitely reduced the stress on the motors. Thank you all.