Speeding Up Linear Lift?

From the image you can see we have a six motor 293 lift. We run a series of HS sprockets connected. 5 six tooth, one 18, and the 24 connected to the lift. We have recently built this and we noticed that it lifts and lowers slowly. What would be an ideal sprocket ratio that we still allow for speed, but also power. We noticed some teams such as 1064A that have a very fast lift.

well thanks for the compliment! Are you going to the pwnament?

The green sprocket is what drives the chain on the lift, correct? It looks like your lift is 1:3, which is pretty slow for a lift.
If the free speed of the motors is 100RPM, then through the speed reduction the green sprocket is turning at 33RPM. If the radius of the green sprocket is about 2 inches, then your chain will be moving over the green sprocket at .58ft/sec. The motors won’t be running at 100RPM, so your actual speed will probably be closer to .4ft/sec. If you chain your lift like 1103’s, the second stage (third part) will raise vertically at about .4ft/sec, or 6 seconds to raise up to the 30" goal. That is pretty slow considering you have 6 motors on your lift. Our arm can reach the 30" goal in just over 1 second, and we have 4 269s on it geared 1:7.

You are welcome. And yes we are going the the pwnament. See you there :smiley:

Yes the green sprocket is the one that drives the lift. Any ideas for a better gear ratio. I’m not very good with figuring out gear ratios with math.

did you try sing elastics to help balance out the weight of the arm?

Not yet. I think I will try to do that though. Seems like it will help a lot.

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postpwned is the kind of thing i like to hear! I heard cancelled…but I like this better.

So what would be a good gear ratio that will power the lift quickly?

1:2 or 1:1.5 possibly

remember, you can use elastic to help the lift go up.