Speeding up PID drive

Hi to all of you, i need a little bit of help. On my drive for autonomus i have a pid program and im trying to figure out how to speed it up when it starts to drive forward. It starts out at like less than half speed and then slows down to the target which is okay but i need it to be fast in the beginning and im not sure how to . If you need me to tag in the program i can thanks

also am using C++

Usually the output values are each multiplied by a constant, typically denoted as “kP”, “kI”, and “kD”. I believe they’re between 0.9 and 1.1 or something like that. You can try adding them to your program, and adjusting it to change how fast it reaches the target. I could be wrong, though.

Make sure the motors are configured as the correct gear ratio.

I will try this tomorrow morning, and thank you to tabor because they are configured but I didn’t check. Thank you both