Spider Intake!!!!

Hey guys (and gals), first time poster here.

Just wanted to see what you all think of my new intake. I posted a video on YouTube recently and just wanted to see what you all think of my new design. I call it the SPIDER INTAKE. Please leave some comments and ideas on how to improve it.

I spent a week designing and building it and I’m really proud of the results. You can see me rocking my SPIDER INTAKE at the tournament this past weekend.

Also, would just like to point out that I was also part of the world record setting alliance with a high score of 163. @202Z @5062A @Kelton

Also check out the sick HAMPSTER DRIVE on my robot. (pic below)
I didn’t have a video though so I pulled up this quick comparison.
link text

Look for more fantastic robotting coming soon.
Hammmmster Drive.jpg

These are called side rollers, not a spider intake. These have been around for most of vex history being extremely common back in toss up. Please stop reinventing the wheel with names, they already have a name and we are not about to have another “Goliath intake”. I think your intake works very well, however the lift seems a little lackluster. Not to mention the fact that this intake allows for your lift to get stuck behind the stack and descore, a situation we’ve all seen once or twice.

Why is it even called the “goliath intake”??? Like you said, intakes like it have been around for years. People shouldn’t be taking credit for tech that they clearly did not invent. IMO the naming of the “goliath intake” is the same as naming the “danny lift” which is literally a rd4b.

Because someone called it that originally and it kinda stuck, after it became the standard intake for alot of teams it became less of a “top roller” and more of a “top roller with rubber bands on sprockets rotating opposite directions” essentially it became a subset of the top roller family, with that specific top roller called that.

The intake is called a “Goliath” because it uses rob wheels to achieve its use. They were used back in NBN for many intakes. No one called those in NBN side rollers

They were often called top rollers, for example this was a top roller bot, and the intake was called as such. The Goliath is a top roller, the name is used fairly frequently when describing this intake.

It’s the same situation as the danny lift though. People get upset when it’s called a danny lift because it’s just a rd4b, so why should the “goliath” be treated differently?

the Danny lift doesn’t really innovate, and when people see others getting up in arms about something they realize they have a popular opinion they speak more about it, which more people see etc etc. What happened with the Goliath is that no one said anything, and less people spoke about it etc etc. For example someone i look up to and has been with vex for a very long time is @meng and you regularly see him referring to the Goliath as a top roller.

Similarly to how the the danny lift doesn’t innovate, neither does the goliath. I don’t like the idea of people naming their “new tech” even though it’s just a slightly modified version of what we’ve been seeing for years. Following the logic of calling the top rollers a goliath intake, it is perfectly reasonable to call the intake in the above post the spider intake.

Man chill. Names stick in VEX. Oh fricking well.

That seems really efficient. Could you post more photos close up? I have seen side rollers for itz but most don’t work well unlike the “SPIDER INTAKE” (Coolest Name)

As mentioned previously, this type of intake was commonly used during toss up.

Also, your drivetrain is literally just a 6 wheel tank drive. No need to name it.

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@Imperius There may not be a use to name it but it’s a great name.

Making up more names for pre-existing mechanisms and systems just adds to the confusion on this site.

Also for those considering this intake, keep in mind releasing cones like this moves them in a horizontal fashion, as opposed to being dropped straight out. This will be risky with tall stacks.

@anjaz101 You would benefit greatly from a dr4b for the sake of a linear up and down intake movement. Rn, it’s moving in an arc. See what I mean? A straight up and down movement would help. However, I see that it’s quite functional as is. Do you not have a mogo intake?

I seriously doubt anyone will be considering this intake.

I don’t know why you’re pointing that out, as you had no part in contributing to that score. You had a qualification match average of 34, while 202Z had one of 110 and 5062A had one of 83. You were actually played with 202Z in their lowest match score of the tournament.

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When I first saw this thread I was like, cool, someone who was involved in a high score, and then I watched the video and realized I was seeing a meme bot.

In nbn… we just referred to them as front roller…

You really dont need any fanciful names… in fact, as mentioned by many - using proper terminologies will help to have a clearer communications with others.