Spikeball at worlds

Anyone down to play spikeball at worlds?

Aw heck yeah, 48180s is in


mind as well host a mini dodgeball tournament while youre at it

I’d get in on that.

Is this an official sanction? Sound fun, but I’ll probably be too busy worrying about my robot/drive practice!

Not at all. I don’t make the rules. :slight_smile:


I wish, but sadly I am in middle school :frowning:

Oh yeah

Wait I’m in middle school too…


what is spikeball?

its a trampoline net thing, and you spike a ball down onto it so it bounces back up for someone else to “spike”…at least I think thats how it works

Thanks for the responses! I’ll probably be able to bring 2 nets I just need to find a place to play. Possibly outside the venue as the weather is getting nice.

There seems to be enough room to play on grass by the fountain in front. Stop by 321A to find a time that we can play tomorrow.