Spin up auton

Can you start with your two preloads inside your intake for auton, so you instantly shoot them when the timer starts?

As the GDC would say: “There are no rules prohibiting this. Therefore, it is legal.”

Robots get two Preloads. Prior to the start of each Match, each Preload must be placed such
that it is:
a. Contacting no more than one Robot.
b. Fully within the field perimeter.
c. Not in any position that would be considered Scored (such as Disc I in Figure 15).

As long as it meets these three criteria, you can use your preloads however you wish.


read the manual…
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Yes you can, in fact some teams during NBN who had flywheel that was taking some time to spin up, would use a preloaded one time use rubber band catapult to score preloads in the first second. Then would immediately start moving to get field objects.