Spin Up Disk Intake Ideas

Was just curious to see what kind of ideas people had for disk intakes. Unlike with Change Up, it looks like “spinner” intakes will be much harder this year, if at all possible. On the other hand, some kind of arm intake could possibly be used, although that idea still needs to be looked into a lot more.

What are your ideas for a disk intake?


Intakes from this year, essentially conveyors belts don’t seem like a bad idea. If anything the question is how are you shooting the discs into the goals?

EDIT: Whoops shoulda added I am already planning on a flywheel.


There are quite a few videos online of Frisbee shooting robots, many from the FIRST competition. Even better, a lot of these videos have pretty detailed explanations of the shooting mechanisms, so I don’t think shooting should be too hard. Picking up disks, on the other hand… it might be a bit harder to get them off the ground.


Maybe, time to make a scooper for the intake? (No, not a scooping intake design, just something to lift the pancakes slightly up for the intake to grab)


Gotta love how everyone always comes up with different names for game objects, pancakes has to be one of my favourites now :smile:


I think something like what 169 used at turning point worlds. What about having the second stage leading up to a flywheel be conveyer belt, with spacers replacing polycarbonate and acting as rollers?

It’s basically a rubber band roller wrapped in non slip mat.

or something like this

This could be made by somehow attaching nonslip mat onto flaps


Ooh, interesting :thinking:

That 169 intake looked interesting, especially with the whole flipper design. The second video was also cool, although those flaps might be a bit harder to replicate

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Cheese cloth (non-slip mat ) mounted on flaps in some way could possibly work.


Epilepsy warning for video 1 btw.


The second video’s intake might be difficult to keep within size limits. The flaps would need to be much smaller than the ones in the video.


cheese cloth /= antislip mat