Spin Up engineering notebook

Do you have any suggestions for the Engineering Notebooks?
It is my first year as a Notebook Designer,
Thanks in advance:)

Check out notebooks.vex.com There is a really nice template using Google Slides that I recommend.

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As the notebooker this year, here’s some suggestions for you:

  • Try to base your entries on the Engineering Notebook Rubric, https://roboticseducation.org/documents/2022/03/engineering-notebook-rubric.pdf/
  • Use the notebook to your advantage. Add information that you may need later. A piece of advice I’ve seen a lot is to imagine someone would have to build your robot from scratch-- would they be able to do it following instructions from the notebook?
  • Adding pictures, sketches, CAD, bits of code or pseudo-code to keep judges interested and to better show how things are looking with your code and robot.
    That’s all! Good luck in Spin-Up!
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Something that really helps is having lots of pictures, if you really want to go above and beyond color coding your notebook/notebooks is something that I have just started doing this year.

Hey, welcome to the forums, some suggestions I have for engineering notebook is doing a physical notebook IF your handwriting is good, if your handwriting is not good, I would suggest going for a digital notebook. I’d also suggest you go on YouTube and look up the 6030J Jesters Notebook, and use the format used in that notebook. If you’re doing a digital notebook, do google docs, and make it look as neat as the 6030J notebook.

If you have any more questions feel free to DM me on here, or reply to this. When I get a chance today, I will send you the Discord Server for Robot Notebooking server,

The first is folow the desigh Notebok ruberic to a T. Thos way you make sure you check all the boxes. Make sure to include all brainstorming, cad work, tournament results, build modifications, thought processe ect.

Here is a discord server which is dedicated to note book discussion and help im sure some one here can give you really good pointers.


One of the best notebooks I have judged didn’t assume ANYTHING. They had a driving competition that had objectives and was scored in order to select their driver. There was also a chart of times/scores.


Dang, that is impressive. I am kind of jealous of that kind of commitment! :laughing:

I reveals an unknown bias… that you know who the best drivers are. If they are that good… make them prove it.

This attitude/outlook is at the core of good engineering.

Hello, I was the notebook writer for my team this season and wrote 4 notebooks this season! We’ve won Innovate, Excellence, and Design Awards this season!
Here are my tips to you based off of experience this was only my 2nd season going into my 3rd next year)

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