Spin Up Expansion using Marbles

This may sound dumb but can my robot have a container filled with plastic marbles with strings attached to them, and release them in the last few seconds of the match so they roll out onto the field to cover a bunch of tiles.

Would that be within the rules?

Are marbles part of acceptable robot materials?

Thinking nope.

You tell me where in the Game Manual it is permitted, and I might roll with it :slight_smile:


Well they allow certain amounts of plastic, so maybe plastic marbles can work?

If only there were a document that would tell exactly what you are and are not allowed to use on your robot…


“A limited amount of custom plastic is allowed”
Guess I’m good then

Did you actually read the rule and not just the title of the rule?


Ok they have to be cut from a sheet, I can just do thin cylinders instead

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you mean like coins? don’t they fall over and stop rolling?

Seems like prototype and testing time!

Have fun this season!

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well I can tie some together to make a thicker cylinder and also if its rolling fast enough then should be stable

Theoretically that would work if you launch it with enough force.

Fastest way to prototype your idea is to test with washers and see if they behave in the way you expect. Then factor plastic density probably less than metal washers… Do remember there is a specified limit to the thickness of plastic you can use.


or just use washers…

also i think OP is forgetting the “dont intentionally detach parts of your robot” rule


well, if the string does not break, should be ok:)

If you looking for things that roll well, why not just use all those unused wheels from your competition kit…

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oops I misread the thickness number, you are right though I guess can just use wheels, sadly no balls though