Spin up field roller mechanisms

so, i think that my team already has a roller mechanism. but the concept of how to spin these field rollers still confuses me, so i want to know.

how are you building your roller mechanism? whats the idea of it? how does it work?

not even sure if i should post this on the forums or in this category either, but i really need some help with these mechanisms because everything about them is confusing to me.

pictures, videos, descriptions of the mechanisms are all great!! thanks guys!!!

Then you need to read this before you post again: forum rules

One example of a roller mechanism, for training purposes, can be found onthe pre-designed “Disco” build : V5 Build Instructions - Downloads - V5 - VEX Robotics 1 to provide a starting point for teams to compete in early competition: typically a robot with good build quality but deliberately mediocre game performance. Once you have become familiar with the VEX building system, you can begin to look at pictures, youtube videos, game reveals, etc, for inspiration, then work through the engineering design process to build your own unique mechanism.

VEX has a great resource for beginning teams to learn the design process and how to make decisions. Take a look here, and especially look at the “engineering” section to see how experienced teams have worked through making their design decisions: https://kb.roboticseducation.org/hc/en-us/articles/8373753632407-Students-Start-Here 1



thank you for your help! i read over the rules and looked through what you recommended. i appreciate it!

My team’s idea is to have like a clamp that can be controlled by a sperate controller. We don’t have pictures yet but we will when we build it

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welcome to the forums! thanks for the response (: id love to see some pictures once you get ahold of them!

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