Spin up flywheel(1pic) with 2 motors

hi, vex guys ! this is my first question on this forum, so here’s my question: my shooting mechanism has just one flywheel (its power is provided by two motor), but when i test it and show the temperature of the motors on the screen,the temps are always diferent after several minutes, is it necessary to have the same temperature for the two motors(which provide power the the shooting mechanism)?

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Great question and appreciate the picture. They don’t need to be at the same temp. But you might want to ask why take1 is hotter. Is there extra friction someplace?

But after a few mins of constant running that would not be a big concern. Remember VIQ matches are only a minute.


thanks for your answer Foster :handshake:, I think your point is right, the VIQ match is only 1 minute, so we need to get rid of the probability of the potential problem when we are testing the machanism.

but when i test the shooter of another machanism, it shoots farther, so connecting the problems of shooting distance and the big temperature difference together, i race two motors out of the machanism, i found one motor was totally down, so i check my program, it’s where the problem is. after i rewrite the program. The temperature difference is still there, but not that far, the 2 motors just have a small difference about 10℃.
Any way ,thanks for your help!

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@DRow please move to V5

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thanks for your reminder