Spin up home zone

If this was covered I couldn’t find it. We are talking strategy and I was trying to argue that a defensive robot would be valuable this year. I was acting under the assumption that robots could not go in their opponents home zone and take out all missed discs, but I don’t see a rule that is against it. Can robots go in their opponents home zone at any point during the match?

If there isn’t any rule against it, then it’s allowed. The game manual only says what you can’t do and what you have to do, not what you can do.


There is no home zone in Spin Up.


Yes you can going into either low zone during the match, but you may NOT expand above 18 inches in those 4 feet by 4 feet areas. And yes anything not forbidden by the rules OR common sense is legal until ruled otherwise in a Q&A or manual update. Grant Cox also mentioned this after the game reveal replay :slight_smile:


If it doesn’t say you can’t do that, you can.