Spin Up Intake Trouble

I’ve been having an issue with my intake. We’ve got it built but can’t get it to actually pick up the disks. It also keeps moving on us and not how we need it to. Anyone have any ideas for us? Thanks in advance.

We’ll need to see pictures before any advice can be given…


Sure, let me get them and then I’ll upload them in a few minutes. Thank you though.

It’s like this but we had chain on the sprockets earlier today.

Is the intake floating? Also does the 60A flex wheels have enough traction, although a softer material might be better

I know it doesn’t make me sound good, but what do you mean by floating. And the wheelers should have enough traction. At least, they did when we were testing with pushing it ourselves but they don’t pick up the disks when we’re driving.

Floating intake, to put it simply, is an intake that moves in response to interacting with a game element. For this year’s game, the ideal motion seems to be up and down.
Floating intakes help intake stacks of disks as well as intake smoother.

That’s what we’re having trouble with; getting it to move up and down while staying up high enough to not scrape the foam tiles. If that makes sense.

Put some small roller wheels on it. Space them so that it sits at the right height. Go look at the mower deck on a riding lawn mower for inspiration.


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Use hardstop so intake can only go down certain amount. Make it so its ever so slightly lower than disc height and tensioned downwards, but able to move up. This allows the intake to move upwards to intake discs, which is what floating intake achieve.


What my team did to deal with this was to put the bottom portion of the intake on like a hinge, so it would be connected to another higher up axle that was actually firmly held on the bot, but the bottom portion of the intake can actually hinge up and down when it touches discs under it. Sorry if this response was too late.

It wasn’t, I just had a como where our intake was hit and messed up, our next one isn’t for a couple months. Thank you for all your help, I think I got in now.