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Hi my team name is the masked bandits in Minnesota. I am here to post because we hit a standstill. We were working on a intake for our robot but we can’t get it to work. We have tried a chain with flaps intake that didn’t work well. We then tried a flex wheel intake and we couldn’t get that build. We are now trying a chain with standoffs that other one of our teams used. That works but we are still at a standstill. I’m wondering if you guys could help us out by telling me how to build or the best way to get a intake built fast. Our first tournament is November 19th I need the intake done by November 1st. Any help is appreciated

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Flex wheels are the best intake option imo. If you have 2 inch or 3 inch flex wheels you should def try doing a floating intake. This is where the bottom shaft pivots on the secondary shaft so it can go up and down without loosing tension.


If you are having trouble finding something to grip the discs effectively, one alternative my team is using is rubber bands on HS gears:

You can also use rubber bands spanned between sprockets to make a roller.

If you build something with a wheel of some type, be it flex or HS gear or rubber bands roller, a floating intake at the bottom is very effective(idk if you know or not just saying it in case you don’t).

Another tip: if you haven’t, go check out some intakes released online, such as 606X’ intake. It’s extremely effective and has a lot of concepts you can adapt and use for your own purposes:

Another intake model that is simpler, though, is the Mentorbuilt intake. You can find that one on the forums easily, and it shows a simple floating intake that is nonetheless effective.


I’m old enough to remember when these were the hot-new-intake trend for Spin UP


My team is planning on using intake rollers since we don’t have flex wheels
The compression is great, but like someone said above, flex wheels are the better option