Spin Up Lower Goal

Are you able to drive in the lower goal and under the high goal? I looked in the manual and couldn’t find anything.

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The Game manual doesn’t explicitly state that you can’t go into the low goal, so it is legal to go into the low goal.

The only thing that is limited is vertical expansion in the low goal


Yes, you can drive into either low goal. I would encourage you to check the manual again, because there are multiple examples of robots going into low goals in the manual. Additionally, if the manual does not rule against it, you may perform the action. Make sure you read it correctly. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself up for failure.


So does this mean that you can not use the tiles in the low goal to score points during endgame?

If by that you are meaning you can’t use the tiles in the low goal to place disks in the high goal, then yes. The endgame only removes the horizontal expansion limit, not the vertical one

I think he means that you can’t score covering points on Low Goal tiles. Um, yes, that’s what it says, and that’s what it means.

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