Spin Up Match Cycle Times

In helping an EP plan for a tournament this week, he asked about match cycle times, especially with the endgame cleanup. I didn’t have the number of fields per event handy when I tracked this down, but it looks like (for qualification rounds):

Min: 2.75 minute cycles
Mean: 6.5 minute cycles
Max: 15 minute cycles
Standard Deviation: 2.25 minutes/cycle


would be interesting to compare to previous seasons. Is it possible to calculate event and season-wide match cycle times from robotevents match data? look at total time between first and last qualification match, and divide that by total matches. Possible identify breaks like lunch from a large gap in times.
not sure if you can get the match times though, or if they reflect the actual match time or the scheduled match time.


Yeah, I should be able to compare to last year, at least. I should also be able to get the number of fields at a competition as well…this was just the quick-and-easy.

Nothing terribly sophisticated, it just does a merge_asof of matches per competition and computes the difference. Doesn’t handle replays. Attempts to filter out lunch/overnight breaks by assuming a gap of more than 30 minutes between matches is a scheduled break.

Last year:

Min: 1.3 minute cycles
Mean: 5.5 minute cycles
Max: 21 minute cycles
Standard Deviation: 2.2 minutes


Yea, last year was about that for me. My max last year was 14 mins due to a long referee conversation. Not run a Spin Up, but did some times two weeks ago with roboteers. Counts were running 50 seconds and resets were taking 1m, 35 sec. Lots of pieces to count, place, etc. It would be nice to see other numbers. I have an event on Nov 19 so I can post some actual times from that event.

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To be clear, I’m posting the Min/Mean/Max of the Mean cycle times per event. E.g. for each event, I find the (min/max) mean of cycle times and then min/mean/max that over the whole season.

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Its fine, I’ve started matches 20 mins late, catch up, get slammed by 2 back to back refereeing discussions but still end up on time at the end. More than once I’ve gone into lunch going “Yup, should finish just before midnight” and finished close to the predicted end time.

But you know I’m stressed when I go to the announcers and go “You are going 3 … 2 … 1… Go!, can you start doing just one syllable? Thanks!”