Spin up match loads

I am trying to figure out a system for my match loads in skills, and I’m wondering if it would be allowed to introduce discs vertically through the loader. When I say “vertically”, I mean that I would be letting the disc roll down the loader on it’s edge. I have checked the rules, and there is no comment on whether the discs should be loaded horizontally or vertically, it just says that they must be introduced by the loader, and the only force acting on them can be gravity.

I was wondering the same because it says rolling was illegal if the disk wasn’t in the intended tile: “Throwing,” “rolling,” or otherwise imparting enough energy onto the Discs such that they leave the intended tile, or violate one of the other points in this rule, is not permitted.
But if they go into the robot, would this still be illegal.

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This Q&A implies “no”


Ah okay, thank you for the explanation.