Spin Up matches

Hey! I know that it’s still very early season, but I’m starting this thread because I found a couple matches online and I’m guessing that it would get made sometime soon any way. Feel free to discuss strategies and share you matches with us! Vex spin up Newaygo finals match - YouTube
Vex spin up Cameron's spinning point quarter finals match - YouTube


Watched both videos. It seems like they’re having trouble with intakes. Hopefully it’s not a problem with the intaking of discs being extremely difficult and instead about the lack of time they really had to test.

If you guys want, you can put your matches into a google doc and it can be faster than just looking through the thread, plus much easier to copy and paste into an online journal. Although still please put the matches in the thread lol


We should also put all reveals in this too

Kind of impossible when not every region use YouTube (especially China). Also it would clutter up this sheet, which is already moot point as a certain scouting spreadsheet has the same functionality (and arguably does it better).

Well, it is literally just a google doc lol. I would agree to not put reveals on there though, you can just filter for reveals on the forums

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VEX Foshan WRCF Spin Up Match


WRCT2022 Nantong Finals

WRCT2022 Nantong Group Stage


another two WRCT Nantong matches of my team

(Playing defense actually works in early season this year that a robot built within 10 hours before competition can get into semifinals


I worry about the design of this game. I feel like it’s way too difficult to shoot while being attacked, and if a team decides to go pure offensive the whole match gets held up. Although skills is gonna be an interesting area to compete in, I feel like the actual competition won’t be nearly as fun as tipping point, since nothings going on most of the time


Wait, what? Tipping Point, where the meta for a while was, hold goals in the corner for 60 seconds?


yeah, but the thing is that was toward the very end. For a long time that meta wasn’t discovered, at least in south Florida. For spin up, that one kid who’s just bullying robots is gonna kill all the points from the opposing one. That’s why I think turrets are gonna be the meta. Although weaker in driver skills for example, in a competitive match they’ll be objectively amazing, assuming all the code goes well (with so much to go wrong though…)

Turrets and holonomic drives have never been meta. I can’t think of one time when they were.


I highly doubt turrets will be meta

It’s just too complicated for a small advantage that could be nullified by good driver practice

Still going to go for it for the cool factor though :slight_smile:


Preventing someone from scoring is always easier, especially at the beginning of the season. This game seems to present viable strategic choices for capable teams to punish teams that focus on defense.


Turrets do give more accuracy but that’s not the main point. The main point is being able to shoot will your intake is facing different directions, something you can’t simple achieve with just driver practice.

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I’m not sure if turrets are necessarily more accurate, maybe in a perfect scenario with good code.

However, I think having the intake facing different directions to the shooter is something that can be somewhat solved by driver practice or good code, albeit still at a slight disadvantage to an optimal turret, however imo that difference is only a few seconds, and with the high goals having such a small capacity, it’s negligible imo.

However, one big advantage I see of turrets is like UvuvwevweOnyetenye said, is during competition, if you are pinned against a wall for a bit, you’d still be able to shoot into the high goals (provided the turret has enough ROM)

Also, weren’t holonomic/x drives meta during Change Up?


Not for in-person competitions.


Thanks, I hope you are ok with me posting those matches (I can private them if you are noy, that’s always ok), and for a straight defense bot, y’all did really good.


Live stream from Taiwan.

And the afternoon session as well!


Since when is this a bad thing?

Defensive-oriented robots have almost always been a thing for early-season competitions, and eventually, they do get phased out as teams get better at counteracting their plays. If anything, I’d argue the defensive nature of the game makes it infinitely more fun to strategize for. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to find a solution to being knocked off course.