Spin Up Robot Design Idea

Hi all, the description below will include a basic overview of our prototype robot. Constructive criticisms and feedback are appreciated!

Chassis :

x drive with Omni wheels.

Intake :

The intake will include a chain of intake rollers on the back of the robot. A steel shaft will be secured from one end to another to stop the disk from rising upwards while being sucked in. When the disks are on the top of the robot, they will land in an open space where the flywheel mechanism is.

Flywheel :

Our flywheel has an rpm of 3000 with a gear ratio of 5:1. It uses the blue gearbox at 600rpm. The wheel is a flexwheel with extra rubber bands for extra friction. We have considered doing it at 7:1 but the 5:1 has more torque, which will allow for more speed on the disk.

Endgame :

Still Thinking - plz give ideas

First, welcome to the forum! Second, I like your ideas so far! I believe making it 1:5 as opposed to 1:7 will give it more power rather than speed, or make it easier to get up to speed; if someone wants to correct me they could. Now for the endgame I’m going to have to tell you to please use the search bar. There are tons of topics already with great ideas for this. There are also many that even discuss the flywheel mechanisms like speed and wheel size. Good luck!

EDIT: I stand corrected about the “power.” Good to know. Possibly I used the wrong term, I meant torque, which isn’t the same as power, thanks!


Why? Flex wheels are very grippy. And you would lose some compression by squeezing the wheel withrubber bands. This is so unecessary, but your plan sounds great!

Could you explain this?


POWER is measured in watts (or joules per second). POWER measures the amount of work that a motor can do over a period of time. The V5 motos are 11 watt motors. No amount of gearing will ever get you more POWER.

TORQUE is measured in Newton Meters and is a measure of force when rotating an object (or how much pushing power you have). TORQUE has an inverse relationship with SPEED.

By changing the gearing from 7:1 to 5:1, you decrease the SPEED, increase the TORQUE, and the POWER remains constant.


I think he is saying that the intake rollers are intaking below the disk and said metal bar is above the disk to hold it down onto the rollers. Kinda like a ring mech from tipping point but with intake rollers instead of a conveyer, and upside down. I could be wrong though since I haven’t seen any visual representation on his design

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Have you tested whether a 5:1 flywheel can shoot cross field yet?

I have tested it and yes it most certainly can with enough weight on the flywheel and good compression.

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This shoots acrost the full field?

Yes it shoots the full field, attached below is a video of it shooting 16 feet into the height of the basket. The camera is a few feet in front of the flywheel.
Not a rickroll


Thanks for this I didn’t know 3000 would be enough for 16 feet. Must be well built!