Spin Up Roller Placement

Where should I place the roller mechanism on my robot? Should the wheel be directly touching the roller, or should the bottom part of the wheel be touching the top of the roller, or should the top part of the wheel be touching the bottom part of the roller? I just want to have the best placement for my roller wheel that can spin the roller perfectly anytime.

This is where engineering design process rocks - test each possible solution to determine if they meet your needs.

That is the way you design and build better robots.


We have ours in the front of the robot attached to the intake.

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Here’s ours:

It’s kinda hard to see (sorry for the bad picture…the roller is on top left…) but ours is mounted onto the intake and chained to it.
When spinning the roller it stands about at the middle of the roller.

Honestly, as long as your mechanism makes good contact with the roller and has solid grip, it should still roll just fine

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We run two controllers, and the second one frequently disconnects. So to combat this, our roller mech contacts just the bottom of it, so it can be used as a passive roller mech if needed. Ours is linked to the intake.


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