Spin-Up Rule Talk

Although this is my second year competing on the VRC level, does anyone feel the rules for Spin Up are much more straightforward compared to last year (tipping point)? I don’t feel like as many mishaps will occur since there will probably be less contact (for example frequent warnings, penalties, or dqs). Obviously it’s vex so anything can happen, but lmk your thoughts


I agree.

They should make it legal to lift your opponents so they don’t get endgame points :sunglasses:


I think they did a solid job listening and responding to feedback from others over the season


Im worried about G15, the no trapping for more than 5 seconds.


I’m already ready for the Q&A ruling about what happens if a trap starts in the last five seconds of the endgame. If there is no penalty for trapping in the last 10 seconds, can I just pin my opponent for 14 seconds while I expand?

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I found this interesting…

c. Any extensions or combinations of extensions above 18” must fit within a vertical cylinder 2” in

This will make defense difficult


Match replays are allowed!


Oh wow! This will be great I’ve lost so many that i would have won if this was allowed earlier


SG4 is the real kicker for me. I get they want to make expanding a part of the game, but we should be able to expand for practical purposes like an intake or a roller to roll the roller. even 24" would be good considering last year we could go up to 36"

I saw that too, but it didn’t really concern me. I don’t think this game will get to the point where bots are being trapped to that extent.

I believe the roller is within 18" from the field tiles though.


They clearly want this to be an offensive based game. Shooting the disks is really the main option based on these rules, and you can tell vex wants people to think outside of the box this game. There will obviously be some push bots shoving disks around but it won’t get to the point where there’s literal drive trains in the finals

Ok I have a concern
In RSC2 it says “(have to move to other side to introduce other match loads)”
So, with field control, you can’t really do that
This will ruin the chance of a one person team to get the max skills score
Any thoughts?


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If a Robot has passed inspection, but is later found to be in Violation of a Robot rule during a
Match, then they will be Disqualified from that Match and will apply until the Violation is
remedied and the Team is re-inspected.

At many tournaments robots have failed a random inspection but then correct their mistake to fit in size.

Would this rule apply immediately once they are found out to be in violation or is making a quick change allowed?

They learned from there mistakes this year and fixed it. It is so thing that vex is really good at

Question can i just use a 3d printed robot with the v5 components or no bc i don’t have the money to buy all the metal and i already have a cad model for the challange

it seems like they only get 1 DQ because they played a match with an unfair advantage, even if they make a quick change after


Read this again.

It is saying only one drive member is allowed to move from the zone.

Ah yes, il just drive my robot while walking
Actually this is probably a advantage

Can’t move with field control