Spin up rules (plz help fast)

i hve a tornament tomorow and i am last minute finishing my code. do dics pushed into the low goal on our side of the feild count as autonoumous pionts???

Any questions regarding the rules of a game can usually be answered by reading the game manual.


where did you go for ur tournament

Yes. They do indeed.
Hope you had fun!

ok thanks. late coming back, but turns out i had programed it for starting on the side with our alliances high goal, but we acually start on the side with our alliances low goal

On our first comp of this school year all the teams that could push the blue dispenser were starting right under it, is that against the rules?

there is no blue dispenser in vrc… if your talking about IQ as long as your touching the back wall you can start wereever

Sorry i didn’t realize that they were talking about spin up VRC i thought that was the game slapshot

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They did say “Spin up rules”…

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