Spin Up Scoring App

A couple of months ago I created a scoring app for VRC Spin Up. This is my take on a calculator for this years game. I am aware of the official vex VRC hub app which also has a scorer for the game.

In my app I have my own spin (pun intended) on the roller UI alternating between neutral, red and blue button color states. The app is also available in DARK mode in addition to light mode.

Please check it out if interested (link below). I had lots of fun learning to make this app. If anyone has some feature suggestions/improvements to make please let me know.

Spin Up Scorer Link


You could maybe add a timer? I know that the VRC Hub has a normal competition timer but it’s all wrong given the end game is 10 seconds rather than 30. It never even updated for tipping points 15 sec. endgame change.