Spin Up - Season Rankings - Week Ending 2022-08-13

I’ve updated http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ with this week’s results.

The first American Signature Event of the Spin Up Season completed over the weekend as did an Australian tournament. Mall was an extremely well-run event, with a lot of sportsmanship shown by teams helping other teams with forgotten parts, etc. It was incredibly competitive, to boot. More than 2/3rds of the competitors went to World’s last year, and I’m pretty sure nearly all of those teams made the divisional elimination rounds. With the event being so early, I think it really does self-select for ultra-competitive teams. The venue was fantastic as well. It was great to see Dan and Grant there, getting a taste of what the season will hold.

Revision (515R) and Iron Eagles “Speed of Light” (9364C) won tournament champions in an electric set of Finals matches against Freedom Gladiators (4082B) and Pink Sparklee Unicorns (2145Z). Revision capped the night with Excellence Award as well, while Freedom Gladiators posted an amazing 365 skills score to take Skills.

Also of note, In Transit (3141A) went undefeated in Qualification matches, while Tigris ex Machina VII (98377G) and Jackson Area Robotics (2775V) for completing the AWP more than half their matches. There were some very amazing autonomous routines for such an early season competition. AWP success rate is currently 7.8%, it will be interesting to see how this changes over the season. The task itself seems challenging to do on one’s own (I think Tigris had a self-AWP routine), but is aligned with winning the game, much more-so than the AWP task for Tipping Point. I could see by Regionals this getting as high as 12% overall, with elite teams hitting 60-70%. Will have to revisit this post in February!

I know some match videos have been posted already, I’m going to wait and see if the EP converts the livestream over to YouTube and will index the Match Videos during the week, which are accessible directly at VRC Data Analysis

Revision continues to hold the top spot in the TrueSkills rankings. In Transit shoots up to number 3 and Freedom Gladiators gain a few more places.

Note that as more Tipping Point World’s teams start registering for events they will also start entering the rankings with their “preseason” rating based on World’s results. For example, SharkBots (20164X) was newly added and come in ranked number 10.

The highest team point total looks to be a 202 posted by Freedom Gladiators and Pink Sparklee Unicorns in the first round at Mall. The 2 Finals matches posted a combined points total of 330 and 323.

This looks like a really fun game I did like that the refs would have teams that prematurely expanded beyond 18 to go sit in a corner until the endgame. Much kinder than insta-DQ