Spin Up - Season Rankings - Week Ending 2022-08-21

I’ve updated http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ though no competitions were played, results from the Middle School Signature Event in China did post. Hopefully the High School Signature event posts results this week.

In addition, as teams start registering for competitons, if they attended Tipping Point World’s, their “preseason” ranking will be added. For example, 8000A (HRS RoboHawks) debut at number 2 based on the strength of their Tipping Point World’s results.

I’ve also gone thru and indexed as many of the Mall of America matches as I could find on YouTube. The livestream format that they use and is displayed on RobotEvents doesn’t seem to have a way to link into a specific timestamp. If anyone knows how to do that, DM me, and I’ll add the rest of the matches. ConnorM_ has also posted some matches from the 2 Signature Events from China which are indexed as well.

I now have a “Global Skills” tab under Rankings which, in addition to the obvious, has a column that indicates whether teams have qualified for Regionals or World’s. Regional’s is a best effort, and may be wrong; I have more confidence in the World’s qualifiers.

Best wishes roboteers as school and the season start up in earnest for everyone.


I’ve also made changes to the Match Videos tab: VRC Data Analysis

You can now search by State/Region (e.g. which State or Region a team is from), Elimination Rounds or Qualification Rounds, and Event Type (Signature, Regionals, etc.)

Any feedback is appreciated.


I’ve updated now that the Asia-Pacific HS event has posted results. In addition, Battle by the Beach is open, pulling in a number of new teams that competed in Tipping Point World’s.

Lastly, @Foster, I’ve added a tab that breaks down some Signature Event data, both in aggregate and by specific team.

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome