Spin Up - Season Rankings - Week Ending 2022-10-16

With many Leagues in full-force (I’m looking at you Michigan Mega League), I’ve been running updates nearly daily for http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Notes for this week, as we enter what is probably the middle of the Early Season: Congrats to 2496R
(BHS Robopatties R) for inching the Skills High Score closer to 400 with a posting of 391. Who will be first to crack 400?

This past week saw nearly 1000 matches played, bringing the season total to over 3200. The season’s AWP success rate is very low at 3.5%, and the last several weeks have trended closer to 2.5%. Those cross court and half-court shots are proving difficult! Hopefully the mid-season form starts bringing this back up to the 8-10% range. I wonder if last year’s success rate was boosted by the fact that robots crossing the auton line awarded both the AP and the AWP to the other alliance, whereas this year it is only the AP.

This coming weekend should have some fantastic competitions, including the incredible HAUNTED Signature Event. Best wishes to all teams competing there!


i went over the data and can you clarify why the tipping point data is being carried over?

Good question. To be clear, the only Tipping Point data carrying over are the influence on matches from Tipping Point World’s for the TrueSkill score (e.g. not on WLT, CCWM, etc.) but only for teams competing this year (e.g. if team 001A graduated and is not competing in Spin Up, they are not included in this year’s rankings, though matches against them would factor into teams competing this year).

I chose to do this because there’s not a whole lot of cross-regional competition within VRC. There are Signature Events and a handful of teams that cross state lines for weekend tournaments, but it is very difficult for TrueSkill to meaningfully compare teams from different regions if there are no common competitors. World’s brings together the most cross-regional matches. My belief is that, largely, teams stay together year-over-year and don’t change team numbers (with Revision being the notable exception I’ve made this year). At most, it’s maybe an extra 15 matches for a Dome team, so teams that do change will eventually find their level properly in this system.


understood thank you!

My inside sources tell me that 400 will be passed at Haunted :wink: