Spin Up - Season Rankings - Week Ending 2022-10-23

I’ve updated http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ with the weekend’s results. Lots to unpack.

First, as @2775Josh predicted, the 400 point skills barrier was shattered by 2 teams over the weekend. Hat tip to 515R (Revision - more on them later) and 66799A for hitting 438 and 407 respectively.

I’ve indexed the Haunted and TAI-VEX YouTube streams and added a few more search options to the Match Videos tab, including the ability to search by match total points, team points, etc. I hope it proves useful for teams looking for inspiration or scouting.

TAI-VEX was pretty amazing - the auton routines during elimination rounds were very impressive. Lots of discs in the high goals before driver control really puts pressure on the other alliance. Also home to the newest “Most Points In A Match” title with 402 in the Finals round of 205 to 197 which is the first match over 400 combined points.

I had Haunted on in the background over the weekend and it looked like a fantastic, high-quality event with incredible gameplay. Revision have now won 5 Signature Event Awards, with Jackson Area Robotics and Freedom Gladiators coming in at 4, followed by GEARS at 3. All fantastic teams who put in a lot of time to hone their talents with consistent performance. EDIT: One other shout-out to Revision - absolutely amazing that they are 10-0 in Signature Elimination Round matches.

To date, we’ve seen nearly 4600 matches played at 95 events. The AWP continues to be pretty low at about 3.75%. Between TAI-VEX and HAUNTED, the weekly rate trended pretty high, so it may dip some more until the next Signature Events in Texas and then Speedway.

Best wishes as the season moves forward!