spinFor(36 , turns)

When I try using the command spinFor(36,turns); where 36 can be any number, it acts like there is a “false” parameter added, that is, even if it is 10,000 turns, the motor only moves briefly then moves onto the next command. Instructions say this command should be blocking unless a false parameter is added. I can get spinFor(3, seconds) to work as a blocking command. How to get “turns” to be blocking? I tried adding “true” where “false” would go, but that made no difference.

I just checked, seems to be blocking ok.
in my test, the motor was created as

vex::motor       m1(PORT19, gearSetting::ratio6_1 );

then in code

m1.spinFor( 2, turns );

did you mess with setTimeout or anything like that ?


setTimeout was the problem. thanks!