SpinUp G10

In G10 they said no Vision Sensor in Autonomous period, but ive found no info if i can use Vision Sensor in Programming Challenge, am i allowed to use Vision Sensor in Programming Challenge? Thank you for your reply

<G10> does not prohibit using the vision sensor, it just prohibits humans from interacting with the vision sensor during the match. Remember, if the game manual doesn’t say you can’t do something, and it doesn’t say you have to do something that stops you, then it’s legal.

G10 does not ban vision sensors in autonomous. It only requires that you as a human cannot interact with it in any way.

It doesn’t say no vision sensor, it says that you cannot do something that causes the vision sensor to activate.

So i can activate it but with my code not me a human interacting it directly?

Yes, as long as it is only reacting to game elements you are fine.

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