Splash Screen with GIF Intro

After lots of working and lots of help from the likes of @theol0403, @Barin, @Codec, @hotel, and a few others, I finally got my Splash Screen GIF working with my auton selector. There is a video of it below:


Not going to lie that was pretty good.


Very nice! How long did it take you? Happy cake day

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That looks great! How did you do it?

@CarCar I’ve been working on it for about a month

@Tesrner I used @theol0403 's gif player and integrated it into my code. The code behind it is a lot more complicated than it looks.

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Wow thats cool!
Happy cake day @Sylvie!!

Oh! I didn’t notice that.

Wow. That is awesome. Nice work.

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I’m considering making a PROS template for other teams to do this. Would that be appreciated?

  • Yes, make a template
  • No, I want to figure it out myself
  • Other (respond with a comment)

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@Sylvie please do

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