Split a motor controller 29

is it legal to split a vex motor conroller 29? We do not have time to order one

No, according to <R12>

TL;DR: try to borrow an mc29. If you can’t, have your coach talk to the event EP.

I assume you mean attaching a splitter to the 2-wire output side of the controller, then using that to power/control 2 motors. It’s not supposed to pass inspection that way. However, it will work. I know several teams that competed that way in the past.

If you can’t get another controller in time for your competition, you could try borrowing one.

Failing that, you could have your coach/mentor contact the EP of the upcoming event and explain your situation. They may either loan you a motor controller or allow you to compete with split output.

The game rules are designed to see that no team has an advantage, and that the operation of the robot is safe. Splitting the output of a MC29 is most definitely not an advantage. It is my understanding that REC has become a bit more adamant about one controller for each motor because they believe it reduces the likelihood of broken cortexes and MC29 devices. However, dead shorts are the reason for most port and MC29 failures; I don’t know of any evidence pointing to splitting the output of an MC29 being a real hazard.

So, for a local competition, you might get by with split output.

So we have 11 motors and 10 ports what can we do?

What’s your setup?

Just borrow one from someone at the competition. You could practice for now with a custom made y cable, but be careful with exposed wires, etc. And then switch it out with an actual one at the competition.

Thank you! We will use your amazing advice.

Or eliminate a motor

I believe you could also just directly plug one of your 393 motors into ports 1 or 10 without a motor controller if you haven’t already.