Split arcade help!

Hi! i need help coding a drive system for my cortex!

It has 2 rear motors (it uses Tank treds) I want to use the left joystick to move forwards and back and the right one for turning side to side I need the code to be in v5Python!

Are you using the old cortex, or the V5 brain?

Edit: I would recommend re naming this thread: Split Arcade Help, because you’re not using tank drive, you would be using split acrade.


He said V5 python. I don’t know python but that’s the language. he’s using

VEXcode V5 (the name of the program that has V5 python) is only supported by V5. If you want to program a cortex, it needs to be in robotC.

I am using the old brain. My teacher just told me V5 wont work. So it actually needs to be RobotC

RobotC is outside of my knowledge because I have always used V5. I hope someone who knows more about RobotC can help you.

However, I can give you some pseudocode.

Drivetrain.spin(Controller1.Axis3.position(), velocityUnits::pct);
Drivetrain.turn(Controller1.Axis2.position(), velocityUnits::pct);

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You’ll find example programs in the file menu of ROBOTC. You may need to tweak the motor ports and joystick axis but it’ll get you on the right track.