Splitter Cable to have two motors in one Brain port


Does the brain support it Amp wise ? and have anyone tried it ?

This configuration is not supported.

Hi, thanks for the answer holbrook.

Not supported in competition ? I don’t do competition, I just build for the fun of it. Don’t mind doing my own splitter cable. I saw that VCR supports it, I saw that in a thread in the forum. Hence I am a little surprised by your answer. Well I don’t want to be it true :smiley:

As far as I’m aware, connecting two motors to a single port on the brain is not a supported feature of the VEX IQ platform (I assume we’re talking about IQ because of the category of this thread).

IQ motors aren’t just motors; they’re “smart devices” that talk to the brain via I2C. So it’s not just as simple as “can the port provide enough current”.


VEX IQ uses an I2C communication protocol with the motors. So the reason you can’t split the port is not to do with the current capability, but the communication from the Brain to the motor.
Using the old Cortex in VRC, it was possible to do because the communication was “one-way”, i.e. 2 Motor Controller 29’s could quite happily share the same PWM signal from the Cortex. Likewise, you could in theory Y the voltage ouput side of an MC 29 and connect 2 motors, but you’d probably burn out the MC29 very quickly.

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I see, ok, My thinking was that I wanted them to react the same, so no need to code different logic for them. Well, I guess I will just have to try it. (Yes its for VEX IQ)

Thanks again.

Ah ok, just saw the other answer… well then I’ll take your words!


It will be very easy to control the two motors simultaneously in the code. Let us know if you need an example.

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Fetching a bit, but are the HEXBUG motor, considered as smart motor too ? Can they even be use with the brain ? They have the same connector

This sounds like a problem that would better be solved in software than in hardware.

If you’re programming your robot in VEXcode C++ (or one of the RMS text languages) then one solution would be to create a class that takes two motors as member variables and takes care of actually writing the desired power to the two motors.

No, the HEXBUG motors are not compatible with the IQ brain.


@Calvc01: Thanks, no I got that part, I just want to abuse the system to have more output available for other things.

What would be fun would be the serialization of brains.

Brain to Brain comms would be tricky, but not impossible I guess. I am pretty sure that somewhere the I2C docs exist so you could make your own breakouts.

Some info here:


Thanks calvc01 and holbrook.


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