Splitting Bodies in Onshape

How do you split things like c channels in onshape? Do I have to go to the source file and change it there? Is it possible to change parts in the assembly tab?
Is splitting bodies just like fusion 360?

Do you mean like “cutting” C Channels into smaller pieces?

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Yes that’s what I was thinking
20 20 20 20 20 20

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First, I open up a new document, and then I derive the part I want to cut into the part studio. I sketch out a rectangle around the part I want to cut off and remove it using the extrude tool. Then, you can import it into your assembly after making a version.

Open the part file, modify the part using your favorite method, like cut with surface or extruded cut, then save your modified part with a unique name.

Ah ok, thanks!
I was hoping I wouldnt have to make a new part altogether, but that’s fine.
Thanks for your help!

That’s essentially how all perimetric CAD works: part files hold the math data, and an assembly file holds the information on mating the parts. About the only way to have a single part file for multiple lengths would be to create configuration within the particular CAD. But these must be made by someone: configurations are not part of.step files, and are unique to each CAD software. Configurations are great, but will take some study to learn.

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