Sponsor ideas for worlds

So we live in Utah and qualified for worlds. We are on a school team so the district like all other districts aren’t willing to assist in even the registration fee. So I would appreciate help in brainstorming ideas for sponsors.

At least at my school, we were planning on raising funds for worlds by having our club’s parents give their tax credit donations to the robotics club at the school. That’s a few hundred per person, which would easily cover the $1000 registration.


Hi Bob,

Congrats on making Worlds!

There have been other posts about this so the search is your friend, so I’ll give you the short course.

Tap into your vast family associations (that great, great aunt, twice removed, call her) What you are looking for is a donation from the companies they work for. Lots of places have a matching gift system, so my work matches my donations (up to a certain level) so that can give you some extra advantage.

Sell space on the back of your team tee-shirts. Sell space on the robot. You are allowed to have non functional decorations, make them into advertising.

Reach out to the local business people, no donation is too small. Lots of places have “10-20% of sales” go to a charity. Try them. Remember to create certificate to say “Thanks to STEM Robotics for your donation of $250 to Team Bob the Builder on VEX VIQ worlds 2020”

Fund raisers: Bake sales are popular. Not sure if this is a good time for a Car Wash in Utah. But those things work out well.

Remember, the answer is NO unless you ask, so be bold in asking for help.

Good luck in your funding and good luck at Worlds.


Thank you what you two answered was one of the things I was asking but another thing I was asking was for companies likely to sponsor my team.

Ask everybody. Start with tech companies, but you never know who will contribute. You are most likely not going to get $1000 right out of the gate, but ten $100 donations get you there.