So i ran some numbers and it looks like $2500-$3000 is going to be what my team is going to need to start our team. we talked about fundraising and being small team stuff like monthly charging of team members is not going to cut it. we have all done FRC before and know that corporate sponsors are the way to go. what have you all done in the past for sponsors. asking local businesses …

Wow - That seems way higher than necessary for building the robot, buying tools, registering the team, and registering for most tournaments.

If you are planning to use lots of parts to build your dream robot, or if you are including your travel expenses in the figures, then I can understand how you got that high.

I’m not saying this to debate you, but I do think that you can have a very successful (and frugal) season for around $1500 (no travel expenses). The rest is icing on the cake. You might be under less financial pressure than you think.

Good luck!


we kinda decided as a team to get two classroom kits and some other miscellaneous parts and we got about 2100 bucks as our total on all that stuff then you gotta register and everything so i think $2500 seems reasonable i was kinda thinking 1 classroom kit and then a starter kit but was overruled :(.

i agree it is a little steep but it was decided on already so now i am going to try as hard as i can to raise the money even if i don’t agree with the amount completely

For what it’s worth, our competition robots use $500-750 worth of parts, depending on the sensors used. Your budget is really high if you plan to field a single robot. On the other hand, we never found we had too many parts! :slight_smile:

Good luck.

like i said i realize it is too high i tried to convince the other guys but they disagree and they have got numbers on their side so they are not going to change their minds. what i am looking for is tips and tricks on getting sponsors.

-Talk to lots and lots of people. There aren’t too many people out there these days who have money to throw around but the more people you talk to the better chance you have.
-Prepare before hand. Get materials around showcasing what the money you get will go towards.
-Find an incentive for businesses to donate. Sometimes this is they get their name of the robot and T-Shirt. Other times it’s a tax right off for the business.
-Look good and bring good looking materials. Spend time on a flier to give to potential sponsors.
-Maybe your team does community events to showcase robotics and attempt to get kids involved in STEM subjects.
-Exposure helps get your name out there. Call the paper when you go to a competition or host an event.

These are just some general tips to get you started. Good luck. When you do get some interest let us know what worked best.

how do you know if it is a tax write off or not?

Contributions to recognized non-profit organizations like a school or a Boys and Girls Club (national organization) are tax deductible. Each school or organization should have its own tax code. Contributions to private individuals are not deductible.

Since you were involved in FRC before, is there any way you can approach the contributors to that program to fund your Vex endeavors? You could emphasize that your robotics program will cost less than half the FRC registration (and a much smaller fraction of total expenses for an FRC team).

well i am still on that team. do you think they would not want to sponsor my VRC team if they already sponsor my FRC team? i would also like to point out this is the first year for my team Zenith Robotics. we are community based and i am team captain.

Affiliating with 4H, a Scouting program, a Church or some sort of tax exempt organization, that also can supply an insurance umbrella and an organization/communication infrastructure, is likely to pay off in more ways than one.

Consider doing it.


you can try to host classes about robotics or electronics in a nearby community center to get little guys going for it
try to get them to do some hands on stuff
even if its just batteries and bulbs
for kids, they are amazing!