Hi are team doesen’t have any sponsors, I’m not sure but probably no donations either. How can my team get sponsored by people. For example BAE system and Nasa and autodesk are on teams robots since they sponsored that team. Could someone help me find away to get sponsors to support my team, or people who could donate to are team. The reason is that are team would want to get 4 highstrength motors with the upgrade so we can use it on the regular micro controller, and 4 omni wheels.? Any type of help or suggestion would really benefit the team and there robot. :frowning:

Talk to companies in your area, tell them what your about, send them letters and set up a time for you to talk to them.

ask if they are interested in “corporate sponsorship”
(that is the “yes or no” question without wasting too much efforts trying to impress them)

You’ll have more success rate if you make it more personal with offers of robot demonstrations, logo placement, and corporate involvement in general other than “give us money plz k thx bai”

Hahaha, I have to say, Chris is right.

You want to be warm to them, and show that they will make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s an investment to them. Whether it’s for publicity, education, or philanthropy. It’s an investment, and you want to show that you’re worth it.

What can getting sponsored by companies do for a team? What can a team gain? And what does a team lose?

A team gains economical freedom from sponsorships. What you couldn’t buy before, you could after-wards. A team normally doesn’t lose anything, the only thing I can imagine you might be obligated to do (assuming they ask you to) is put a sign on your robot advertising their company or talk about it say like in an interview or something.

I was in Team 627 while in high school and we got a sponsorship for about $6,000 and we set up a meeting and took a couple of robots and awards we won and showed it off and demonstrated what the robots can do and what the objective of the competition is and tell them about how successful we were in the past.

Good luck

Mahalo Thank U so much!

I coach homeschool robotics teams so we have no home sponsor like a school. I put together 2 letters that I provide to each student. One is for friends and family asking them to donate to help fund the team. The other is to give to businesses asking them to help support the team. I also put together 1 page brochure that provides a quick overview of the team and what we are trying to accomplish. In order to remove one barrier to receiving donations I formed a non-profit organization to receive the donations so the donors could deduct it from their taxes. In Indiana forming the non-profit only took a couple hours and cost $25 to do online.

We did not receive any corporate sponsors last year, but one of our students did raise almost $1,000 from friends and family.


I agree with JayM.

I am with his team and the letters work a lot!

Getting personal with a company works a lot to!

I also coach a home school team, so all of our funds come from corporate sponsors, team member dues, and family members. We also do the letters and information packets. We have found that putting together a year end video of what our team did throughout the year along with hand written thank you’s in gift bags brought favorable results to having company’s repeat as sponsors the following year. You can check out our videos at the following links:

Clean Sweep:

Round Up:

I hope this helps.