Sponsorship Booklet Revisements

Hey, this thread relates back to when several people gave me advice on my booklet. I did take consideration some of the suggestions and created a whole new design for the sponsorship booklet. Tell me what you guys think.
SponsorshipBooklet.pdf (3.6 MB)

Looks really nice!
My only suggestion would be to add an email address or something where they can contact you.

On the real one, it is on page 7. I took it out so people wouldn’t know my phone number, address, email, etc.

Alright. Good luck finding sponsors.
It shouldn’t be very hard especially with that booklet.

I really appreciate it. Do you think I’ll need to make a letter too?

Well, I would go door to door asking for fundraising money.
We did that last year and made $2500 in 2 months.
You could ask if they want to sponsor your team if they have a private company.

We did as well, with similar results. It certainly doesn’t hurt.

Okay, so I emailed a couple of businesses yesterday and no one replied. Is this a sign of something or do I just need to be more patient?

Love the new design! Many businesses, depending on how big or small they are extremely busy and may not get to responding very quickly. Wait a few more days and see what happens. :smiley:

Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t expect many "yes"s, though. Ask 20, get maybe 2 sponsors. Don’t give up; if you keep asking, someone will donate.

Remember to make a pitch in person whenever possible. Our club’s longest running sponsor received a pitch directly from us and came to see the club. You might not get an immediate feedback - corporate sponsors have procedures, and non-profit groups have to get buy in from their membership (which can take a month before a general meeting). Don’t worry about rejections, get back in touch with them, thank them for their consideration and ask what you can do to improve. This worked for us get a grant the second time around, the officers of the organization came for a site visit and gave us the feedback we needed to align our application for the next grant cycle.

We have used donorschoose.org for material we needed to organize our equipment and got quick turn around (we have a supportive community). We have also used gofundme to raise funds for our trip to Worlds, although it was not our only fundraising approach.

I really like your approach of the sponsorship booklet. We developed a similar one for our club. It helps.

In addition, develop a monthly reporting publication. It reminds the sponsors of their impact to your team.

Still no replies from businesses

Have you tried talking to businesses in person?

No, I have not. I’ve contacted General Managers of businesses.

Might be a bit too late, but I would suggest using a softer font on the body. Looking at it in all caps hurts my eyes. Otherwise it is good.

Haha, sorry about that