Sponsorship For Worlds

Hello, Our team won 1st place in our state competition and now we are qualified for worlds. This means that we have to try to find sponsors to help sponsor us to get there. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for us. I also was wondering how we could advertize the sponsors who sponsor us. Like on the back of shirts etc.

Thank You!
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Congrats @Carter_Elliott @ketchup and @Dimension_360 will personally reach out to you and get you lots of great ideas.

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Ok, Thank You! When will they be contacting me?

Congrats! I posted in a thread similar to this earlier. My first recommendation comes from @Foster.

“5 of these” meaning 5 similar threads. I personally haven’t checked them out myself, but I would search for previous threads like @Foster said.

My second suggestion comes from my earlier post.

Don’t get discouraged if the first company you ask says no.

I hope this helps you! Congrats!

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It does. Thank You! Have a great day!

You as well. Good luck!

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