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So my team have just qualified to worlds and this is a first time in our school so we wanted to get sponsors for our team and the other teams from out school. But we don’t know when to start. Plus we have no idea how the procedures go like is there paperwork or is it just a donation.

I got some tips for u i will message u later

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Hello @Duckling69 – Search is your friend, there have been of 5 these so far this year. There are a a large number of the same threads from last year and prior years.

Please, please use the search function before posting.

(ETA the number of search threads so far this year)

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U realize buddy here just joined February 21 so he still tryna figure stuff out. He aint gonna know every little thing bout forum in 2 weeks 1 day. I can guarantee u that it took u few weeks maybe few months to figure out all the ins and outs of the forum


@ketchup You realize that the search bar is at the top of every page. I’m pretty sure that the “Welcome to the Forum” says there is a search bar.

We teach students from day one how to look things up, how to search things. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet that has access to a computer that doesn’t know about “The Google”. Typing in VEXIQ Sponsorship gives you this awesome post (Sponsorship Guide)

Typing in vrc sponsorship to google gets you this out of the world response (Sponsorship Layout)

In the forum typing sponsorship in the search bar gets you dozens and dozens of results.

I’m pretty sure that @Duckling69 is a smart person, and knows how to search.

The only time I run into a place and yell out for help is when I desperately need a bathroom.


Well u know mate he maybe couldnt see it. Its the way ur approaching this is my problem. U dont know what buddy here going through. He might be on phone and his screen chipped there so he didnt c it, he might have vision issues and cant see close up without help. the forum says be nice to everyone. U come on here and start yelling at someone who literally just joined. What a way to welcome a new vex forum member. Just cause u been on forum for bout 7 years doesn’t mean everyone else has. He only visited the site for 10 days. If u aint got something nice to say dont say it. U could have just told him NICELY there was one but u made it sound like he knew what he doing and that he’s supposed to know what exactly to look for. Next time dont be so rude and actually help someone by showing them where it is instead of assuming they know how to do it.


dude, give the poor guy a chance. take what @ketchup said into consideration. i’ve been here since before christmas and i still don’t know everything there is to know about the forum.

just be nice and respect that everyone else might not be as perfect as you.


@ketchup @Dimension_360 Not asking anyone to know everything about the forum. Asking people to use the search facility. There are sponsorship tips, ideas, guides, etc from this year and years past. You two can answer his post, but he will miss out on all the other great ideas. @Duckling69 will miss the post that says “Hey STEM Robotics” sometimes has leftover grant money at the end of the season, contact me and I’ll see what I can do"

i don’t have a problem with your first post, but the second one was kind of overkill.

Kids - time to chill - or will ask for thread to be closed by DRow

Please stay on topic.

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anyways, back to the whole sponsorship thing. I would recommend doing what foster’s first post said, and also just search for local companies involved in STEM. maybe you could set up a meeting with one or two of them as well as explain your situation. small companies LOVE sponsorships because it gets their name out there, so don’t be shy! it’s okay if they say no because there will always be someone willing to help.

hope this helps!


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