Sponsorship Packets

Our team just got a new sponsorship packet, what is your opinion on packets like this for sponsors? Maybe you can share your packet or just give everybody some tips on what makes a good packet.

Here’s my packet: Click

That looks great!

Thanks, I just designed it today. I’m really determined to continue robotics. I have a passion for it and wish to continue doing it.

I had that same problem this year… I had to decide whether to continue robotics or try something new. Very impressive, any tips to share?

Well, here’s a good article. I really recommend that you give valid reasons why this would help the other business. Most people only think about their team and not the business sponsoring them. If you give them a variety of ways to advertise their business, they would appreciate that. Another thing is making your appeal, logo, designs, etc. look professional. No business will ever talk the time to look at something you send them is very dull and non-creative. Finally, make a good budget. I would say my budget is a little much for just starting but you will need to keep it on the down low.